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African Mango
Dietary supplement of African Mango, which is known in pharmaceutics and medicine as Iurvingia gabonensis is used for weight losing.
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Product Description
Common use
The pharmaceutical use of African mango has proven beneficial results on antimicrobial, obesity, antioxidant, GI and analgesic activity of diabetic people. Irvingia gabonensis or African wild mango is also commonly used in cosmetics, food and other medical products.

Diet supplementary pills of African Mango are taken orally. The dosage is usually prescribed twice a day: morning and evening times. Pills of African mango should be taken 30 minutes before having launch and supper. Every pill is 150 mg extract of African mango that is advised for taking with the glass of warm drinking water.

Women with breast feeding child or lady in pregnancy must consult with the pharmaceutics expert before taking any dosage of safe African mango diet supplementary pills. There were none of pregnant or breastfeeding women, who participated in clinical researches, thus possible side effects of Irvingia gabonensis are unknown.

Anyone who has hypersensitivity or allergy to any compounding elements of African mango should ask for consultation from their physician. It’s strongly advised!

Missed dose
No matter how safe the diet supplementary and 100% guarantees made by research reports on side effects, it’s strongly advised to be careful with dosage. If in case of missed dose, please take it as soon as your remember about it. However if there is less than 3 hours left until next dosage, then forget about missed dose and make sure that you take your next dose. Never take double dosage amount of Irvingia gabonensis!

Possible side effects
During studies that were held on 264 volunteers, only 3 people were having mouth dryness and only 1 was having a headache. Other 260 people didn’t report any possible side effects from African mango, thus we can say that current dietary pills are safe and will not harm your health.

The storage temperature of African mango dietary supplements is advised to be in the range of +59-+77 degrees of Fahrenheit or +15-+25 degrees of Celsius. Please keep Irvingia gabonensis pills away from children, store in a places where they can’t reach. Never leave African mango dietary supplement capsules under the direct sun light.

Check the dosage every time before taking African mango supplements. In case of overdose please immediately get in touch with your physician and explain situation in details of taking Irvingia gabonensis.
More information
Irvingia gabonensis dietary supplement is served in 1 capsule per taking, which is 150 mg. There are total 18 amino acids in freshly extracted African mango seeds, and each of them contain 66% crude fat, 3% moisture, 10% crude fiber, 8% crude protein, 11% carbohydrates and 2% mineral ash.

All products presented at this site are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. Don't hesitate to consult your health care practitioner before taking any herbal supplement.
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