Terramycin is a broad-spectrum antibiotic, active against a wide variety of bacteria. It is effective in infections caused by susceptible strains of staphylococci, streptococci, pneumococci, Hemophilus influenzae, Pseudomonas aeruginosa, Koch-Weeks bacillus, and Proteus.

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Terramycin is a medication used to treat infections caused by Chlamydia (e.g., the chest infection psittacosis, the eye infection trachoma, and the genital infection, urethritis) and infections caused by Mycoplasma organisms (e.g., pneumonia).  It is also used to treat acne.

How to use Terramycin - Consult your pharmacist or physician and take the dose as recommended.
Ask your doctor or pharmacist if it is safe for you to use this medicine; tell your health care providers about all your medical conditions, allergies, and all medicines you use.
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